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This page is designed to provide the aviation community (primarily Canada) with timely updates and new information including, but not limited to:

Latest Updates as of 28 June 2020 13:20

Training to Proficiency in lieu of a PPC NCR-81-2020

Medical renewal by attestation of fitness or via telemedicine for Medicals expiring 17MAR20 to 31MAR21 

Attestation of fitness for exemption NCR-062-2020 (pdf EN) (pdf FR)

ACP Bulletin 03/20 COVID-19 Response Measures - (Extensions to ACP Expiry Dates) Rev3

ACP Bulletin 02/20 Helicopter ACP Recent Experience Requirements

Transport Canada COVID-19 Measures, Updates, Guidance and Exemptions

COVID-19 Guidance for the Canadian Aviation Industry

AC 803-001 TP308 (Criteria for the Development of Instrument Procedures) Change 8

ACP Bulletin 01-20 Modernization of Training and Checking

AC 700-053 SA CAT II: Special Authorization and Guidance (CAT II Approaches Using CAT I Runways)

ACP Bulletin 03-19 Rotary Flight Test Guide Second Edition

ACP Bulletin 02-19 Removal of Circling Procedures 

AC 401-004 Conduct of Instrument Proficiency Checks

AC 700-051 Monitor Checks on Approved Check Pilots and Advanced Qualification Program Evaluators 

AC 401-005 - Maintaining Instrument Rating Privileges as stipulated in Exemption NCR 040-2015, Exemption from paragraph 401.03(1)(b) and section 401.48 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations 

NCR-040-2015 Instrument Rating Exemption


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